Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Thanksgiving Tradition

My work encouraged participation in the "Utah Human Race" benefiting the Utah Food Bank.  By encouraged I mean they offered not one, but two free t-shirts to participants from the company and reduced fees to those that went with us.  Suffice it to say I will do anything for a free t-shirt! So I put out the word that I wanted to do this 5K walk and asked for volunteers to go with me. I got two takers--Alison and Heaven. We were encouraged to be at the race site by 6:30 AM Thanksgiving morning and since it was a one-half hour drive from our homes, that meant leaving at 6 AM (or thereabouts).

By arriving quite early for the 8 AM start meant that we were able to get a close parking spot and sitting room in the little mall where everyone congregated. 

We thought everyone participating was waiting inside with us, but when the call came that everyone was to go outside and get ready to begin, we were greeted with quite a sight--approximately 4000 runners/walkers ready to begin!

Just look at Alison strutting her stuff. Both her and Heaven probably could of taken off and run the race and completed with respectable times. But being the loyal supporters that they were, they hung around with me.  Hey, we weren't even close to being the last ones to finish!

This is us at the finish line. We decided that next year when we participate, we will make all the others go with us and cheer for us when we cross the finish line.  It is a good thing you can't see the clock in the background showing how long it took me to finish. Next year, I need to start training before the day of the race

This looks like it would be another good tradition to begin--having little "elves" help decorate the Christmas tree!  They were so diligent in getting all the balls on just so and helping until the project to finish. (too bad I don't have a picture of Sammy helping with the rearrangement and removal of all the decorations that were so meticulously placed on the tree)

Monday, November 7, 2011

SLC's Newest!

It was a proud day on Tuesday as my son was sworn in as a sheriff. He has worked hard the past three months during the grueling training and is relieved that part of his new job is over. The group learned to rely on each other as was demonstrated with their entrance into the auditorium.
Each was congratulated by Sheriff Winder after he praised their class for their team work and dedication.

Isn't he handsome!!!

Taking the oath
She was so proud of her dad

We are all so proud of him
His niece (where is Sammy) and nephews
Another proud friend
and mom

Good luck to you as you begin your new career.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Brett Keisel Wannabe

Some of you might ask (as I did) who the heck is Brett Keisel?  Well, he is a football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers who will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.  On a hunting trip last June he said that he wasn't going to cut his beard until the Steelers made the playoffs.  Well, they made the playoffs and are preparing for the BIG ONE.  Brett's dad and brother and brother-in-law and many other relatives have not shaved since last June.  Now Brett has some local ties. He played football for Snow College and BYU before joining with the Steelers about nine years ago.
Brett (the one on the top) is sporting a beard that has grown to immense dimensions. Ron (the one on the bottom) wishes he had started growing his beard (and hair) in June also.  He wishes his beard could also double as a blanket or let small children play in it.  Heaven wishes he would use the razor that she put in
his Christmas stocking.

Ron, Weston, Heaven

(probably the last time Ron shaved was for this picture)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Chip (Walt)

Chip and Breana

Chip has turned the ripe age of 33. I keep wondering when he is going to grow up!
He still has his fun-loving, dare-devil, I'll try anything once attitude.
He is such a good son and dad--always willing to help, share, listen, etc.
He is determined to teach Breana to hunt, shoot, ride. She better be as
fearless as her dad, or there will be trouble in their house!

Happy Birthday, Chip
and his birthday dinner was
Tacos (for the 31st consecutive year)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Merry Christmas, Sweet Dreams

Thanks to my sister, Janice, these kiddos got sleepwear from their grandma.
I spent a day helping her make nightgowns for her granddaughters and she
encouraged me to make some for my grandkids (not night gowns for the boys,
thankfully!  We went to the fabric store and chose flannel, she furnished me
with patterns, and off I went home.  Like me, I procrastinated and procrastinated,
until finally it was either do it or not.  Since I was going to Jerome for
Andrew's birthday the weekend before Christmas and taking Breana and
Weston with me, I decided that would be a good time to give them out so
that is what I did.   Breana's was the only one that was the right length, the boys
had to have their legs rolled several times. I am thinking they are probably
going to be good for the next two-three years!
I just have this to say--I have really lost my ability to sew, but they were good
sports and wore them anyway!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!


I know this is a cop out to send out a Christmas greeting this way, but it was this way or no way!  To all who read this--Merry Christmas.  This picture was taken just before Connie left to live in Dubai.  I really wish I had an update to give on her, but communication with her has been extremely difficult. Hopefully now that she is finally able to access the internet things will improve.

The family on the left is Alison and Vaughn with Andrew (standing), Sammy (on her mom's lap, and Mason on my lap. Breana (Walt's daughter) is sitting between Walt and I. Heaven is holding Weston with Ron behind her and Connie and Walt (Chip) on the end.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Surprise, Everyone!

I am back! After being asked by several why I don't blog anymore, my response is always "because I have a boring life and don't do anything." But I guess since I enjoy reading everyone's blogs, I should contribute once in a while. Now that is not saying I have anything of importance to blog, but just need to write once in a while. Also I don't know how to put pictures on with this computer, so will need to figure that out. In the meantime, no pictures are available.

As with everyone in the family, I am saddened by the death of Katie. Sad for me, sad for her family, sad for her friends, but not sad for Katie. She is free of pain and healthy again. How thankful I am for this knowledge and the knowledge that I will see her again.

I am also sad that I wasn't able to attend her funeral. The weather was awful and I didn't feel brave enough to battle the road conditions. I haven't had my car during winter months, so really didn't know how it would perform on slippery, snow covered roads, so I made the decision not to chance it. I asked Kaye if she would put her phone on speaker phone so that maybe I would be able to hear the services. She called me right as the meeting began and I was able to faintly hear the speakers--for the first 20 minutes, then the connection was lost. I got as far as Darcee, Andi and Danna were telling about how Katie met Dennis. I am eagerly awaiting the audio recording that was made to hear the rest of the story!

Later that evening, my doorbell rang. I opened it to find Kendi on my doorstep begging for a place to sleep on my floor! What a wonderful surprise to have the opportunity to visit with her for the rest of the evening and to give her a bed before she left early Thanksgiving morning to return to her family in North Dakota. We had fun catching up on what has been happening in our lives. After I talked her ear off, Alison and Vaughn arrived; and they talked her other ear off before finally going to bed. I am sure she was ready for a nap when she finally got on the airplane.

Since Kaye is here from Puerto Rico, I invited her to come for Thanksgiving and bring Mom. I am so glad she didn't have any plans yet and said she would love to come. Chip and Breana, Ron, Heaven and Weston were also here. It was a wonderful day filled with plenty of food, good company and feelings of thankfulness.

Of course, the day was spent making plans; after all, the paper was filled with enticing bargains in every store and available at any hour you wanted to shop. Needless to say, Friday and Saturday were very tiring. This was really my first year for going out so early. But when you wake up early naturally, the next logical step is to get dressed and get going! Kaye and I bounced right out of bed, but poor Alison had to be dragged out the door (but then she hit her stride).

Well, look at me ramble on. I am just sitting here thinking I could go on and on, but should probably cut this off. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.